Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Medical Marijuana legalized in Michigan

Last night the voters of Michigan passed a ballot to approve medical marijuana. Voters approved it by a large majority of approximately 63% yes to 37% no (as of the most current return data).

The bill legalizes the use of medical marijuana by patients with “debilitating medical conditions” when approved by a physician. Michigan will become the 13th state to legalize medical marijuana use

Here is the full text of Michigan's Proposition 08-01

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Anonymous said...

Marijuana SHOULD BE LEGALIZED! I have been smoking Marijuana for quite a while now I graduated High School smoking weed, Graduated College smoking weed I see no sence in Marijuana being illegal IN ANY STATE! I have friends form way back in High School that still smoke weed and we still hang together and STILL SMOKE WEED! I have an education marijuana did not stop me and i dont belive it would stop anyone.I some Marijuana everyday all day! WE ARE TIRED OF GOING TO JAIL FOR SMOKING MARIJUANA!! If it is legalized it will help out the economy A while lot and stop alott of inocent people from going to jail for smoking Marijuana. MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGALIZED IN ALL STATES NOT JUST ONE